Western Australia’s place as an exporter of food to a hungry world should be protected and supported. The Greens support a resilient agricultural sector and support farmers to remain on the land and earn a healthy return on their produce.

Investing in Agriculture

With agriculture in Australia under increasing pressure, particularly in the face of climate change, now is the time to invest in the knowledge and innovation we need to boost and sustain agricultural productivity, and ensure that our rural and regional communities are connected to the knowledge they need for resilience and sustainability.

Safeguarding Prime Agricultural Land

Protecting water and food production from extractive industries

Farming in a Changing Climate

The Greens believe that farmers need financial support and assistance to make their farms climate change ready and to grow new crops in changing conditions.

Foreign Ownership of Australian Farmland

The current framework that deals with foreign investment in agricultural land is grossly inadequate. The Greens believe the threshold should move from a spatial threshold of 5 hectares to a monetary figure of $5 million.

Choosing home grown over cheap exports

Australians love our food. We have embraced dining out, café culture, community gardens, farmers markets and TV cooking shows with great enthusiasm. Chefs are now celebrities. But Australia’s food security – ensuring that every Australian has access to a nutritious and adequate diet — rests on our farmers growing enough of a wide variety of food through the best and worst of times.

Authorised by Jess McColl & Trish Cowcher, the Greens (WA), Ground Floor 445 Hay St Perth