How Does Occupational Rehab Work?

Being injured at work can be an extremely stressful time of ones life. In a lot of cases, where rehabilitation work is required – the employee will be the one responsible. Below we list some tips on how to ensure this process is as smooth as possible.

Your obligations

Following a work accident, you have come back to work duties to do what you reasonably can to return to work. Specifically, if OR services are accepted for your claim, you’ll be expected to actively participate and collaborate with the OR supplier.

Obligations may involve

keeping regular contact with your company, agent and OR supplier

regularly providing information about the progress of your restoration to your employer, representative and OR supplier providing occupational rehabilitation services.

attending any meetings organized for your return to work. If you can not attend the meeting, advise the person who organized the meeting and make alternative arrangements

ensuring your employer, agent and OR supplier have your current contact details. Should they attempt to contact you, return to them quickly

making every reasonable effort to respond in a timely approach to employment choices suggested by your employer.

If you require assistance at any point during the return to work process, you can contact your representative, OR supplier, your employer, the agent handling your claim, or the WorkSafe advisory support.

Things are easier when everybody works together, and OR suppliers are there to make that happen.

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