What is a Diesel Transfer Truck?

A diesel transfer truck is a larger truck, semi or road train designed for hauling large amounts of goods and heavy materials a long distance. Everything you buy has spent some time on a diesel transfer truck, as Australia does not have a cross country rail system diesel transfer trucks are the main way goods are transferred from place to place. Diesel transfer trucks run on diesel fuel, diesel fuel is a byproduct of the oil refining process that makes petrol. Click here to learn more about diesel transfer tanks.

Why do we fuel massive trucks with Diesel instead of petrol? Diesel fuel produces more energy than petrol, which allows for more torque, this is more efficient when hauling heavy loads long distances. Hauling power is especially important for Australia’s massive road trains, some of the largest transfer vehicles in the world.

Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines, allowing diesel driving truckies who drive diesel transfer trucks to travel farther on a single tank of fuel than their petrol driving peers.

Why use diesel when liquid natural gas is more environmentally friendly? While Australia, with it’s abundance of natural gas and it’s booming trucking industry seems like an ideal market for the environmentally friendlier liquid natural gas, unfortunately that isn’t true. Australia’s current system of transferring goods across the Australian interior via road trains is not suitable for trucks that run on liquid natural gas.

The switch would actually cause more semi trucks to be on the road as Australia would have to use smaller trucks, similar to the American trucking industry. Australia is also lacking in liquid natural gas refueling stations that are large enough to refuel Australia’s trucks. A massive infrastructure overhaul would be necessary to switch all of Australia’s transfer vehicles over to natural gas.

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